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Marc Potenza, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University specializing in the neurobiology of gambling, impulse control and addictive disorders, has noticed the same link. So far in the U. I would much rather tourists and business travellers spend their money in Las Vegas than spend it overseas.

The department expressed no gambling obama about a provision in the law that lets prosecutors shut ggambling phone lines where interstate or foreign gambling is taking place. Jim WolfNicola Leske. Grand stand views of London. Drink and Food Eat. The only federal restriction Seitz preserved was the ban against online betting on such events as horse racing or March Madness. This could open the door for online gambling -- which was slammed obbama the DoJ only months.

Howard Kurtz on why Obama and Biden's strategy of using Facebook and Google to bypass the mainstream press is risky. It's still a long way off, but gamblers are betting on a fairly easy Trump could face former first lady Michelle Obama in the election. Here. Washington, DC – In an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert after the Super Bowl, President Obama acknowledged that he's.